Worldwide reach: Partnerships expand access to Redlands


Employees around the globe working for the industrial giant United Technologies Corporation (UTC) now have an enhanced opportunity to pursue a Redlands graduate or undergraduate degree at one of Redlands’ seven California campuses or via the University’s online MBA program. The program, which builds on the existing relationship between the University’s School of Business and UTC locations in Riverside and San Diego counties, will provide UTC employees with tuition discounts and customizable schedules through the company’s Employee Scholar Program.

“Our programs provide a personalized education that enables students to pursue their business passions and career aspirations,” says Redlands School of Business Dean Thomas Horan.

The University has similar partnerships with more than 400 organizations—community colleges, school districts, public utilities, banks, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, public agencies such as law enforcement, and city and county governments. Thanks to a new collaboration, the County of Riverside recently joined this list. Tuition discounts are offered within the programs, and many partnerships offer onsite classes, which allows students flexibility in scheduling work and school.

Another new partnership is with the Firefighters First Credit Union, offering employees an onsite bachelor’s degree program. “This unique program complements work/life balance,” says Horan, “while teaching 21st century skills students can use for professional, organizational, and societal advancement.”


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