World-Renowned British A Capella Vocal Ensemble Pays a Visit to Campus


Those fortunate enough to have a seat in Memorial Chapel on the afternoon of February 21 were in for a treat as The King’s Singers took to the stage to perform a varied program of songs from around the world. For our School of Music, the visit—which included a morning of workshops with the singers—was inspiring on many fronts. Here is what a few of our resident scholars and musicians, and The King’s Singers themselves, had to say:

“All too often. I’ve worked with big groups who come in and perform beautifully and get their paycheck and leave. These guys jumped in headfirst, from David Hurley, who’s been with the group for 25 years to Julian Gregory, who’s only been with them for a couple of years. They were so impressed with the musicianship of our students, that they could take it past the notes on the page.”

—Nicholle Andrews, associate professor,
choral studies, School of Music


“The King’s Singers were spectacular in coaching Chapel Singers on my work, Luna, during their residency. They are such stellar musicians with amazing ears. The comments they gave the ensemble made the work shine in a way that was amazing to hear. We all learned so much together—conductors, choirs, composers alike—having these phenomenal gentlemen on our campus.”

—Anthony Suter, associate professor,
composition, School of Music


“They worked with us on what makes a good performance, things like quality of sound and stage presence. In their performance they weren’t necessarily singing really loudly, but they were carrying right to the back of the hall because they had such a bright sound. So they worked with us on having more of a concentrated, bright sound, which made it a bit easier for all of the chords to lock in together. Little things like that take it from a college-level performance to a professional-level performance.”

—Andrew Metzger ’16


“We were struck by the level of singing—both individual and choral—and the commitment of the students to musical excellence. The University boasts truly world-class ensembles, and the mentorship the singers receive from their professors is among the best we’ve encountered. We are so heartened and delighted to be associated with a university that really holds music at its core.”

—The King’s Singers


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