Understanding China


China’s reemergence as a global power is influencing many aspects of life.

“Almost all our students each day wear clothes and depend on products—such as their phones and computers—made in China. Many of the companies they will work for are already tapping the vast market within China,” said Professor Walter Hutchens, a China specialist who holds the University Chair in Global Business, which was made possible with a generous gift from Rich ’52 and Ginnie ’52 Hunsaker.

“Indeed, the interest rates on their student loans and eventual mortgages, the performance of their retirement savings and many other things—including the quality of the air they breathe and the peace among nations we all hope to enjoy—will be affected by China.”

Therefore, helping students understand more about China’s history and current challenges is essential, he added. “For business students in particular, understanding more about a key global market, base of production, investment opportunity and source of inbound capital is vital. My classes thus add important depth to our curriculum and complement the excellent China-focused language and humanities classes we have.”

“The Hunsakers, by creating the position that brought me to campus, are helping students prepare for the world the students will soon enter,” Hutchens said. He is a lawyer with two decades of educational and professional experience in China, and he joined the University of Redlands faculty in January 2013. He added that he loves working at Redlands, and for a lot of good reasons, he and many others are optimistic about the future of the University.

“The commitment to high-quality teaching and mentoring displayed daily by my colleagues across campus inspires me,” he said. “This is a special place.”


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