Stories of the day: from mascots to mobilization


One story from the University of Redlands captured national and international headlines. The late mascot Thurber and the Bulldog community’s tribute to him captivated audiences around the world.

“The beloved bulldog mascot for the University of Redlands received his own graduation ceremony following a cancer diagnosis.”
—Fox 7 Austin, TX, “Beloved University of Redlands mascot graduates following cancer diagnosis,” Nov. 14, 2017

“For the last seven years, a sweet bulldog named Thurber had been easily the most recognizable character on campus at the University of Redlands.”
The Dodo (“the digital media brand for animal people”), “School Holds ‘Graduation Ceremony’ to Say Farewell to its Favorite Dog,” Nov. 15, 2017

“In front of 200 people, Thurber was pulled into the Greek Theatre in the same wagon in which he attended football games. He received a pair of bachelor’s degrees in math and psychology with minors in theatre arts and human-animal studies.”
—The Miami Herald, “School Holds Graduation for Mascot,” Nov. 18, 2017

“’You aren’t just a bulldog—you’re a whole university’s best friend,’ student Ben Galgano said on the school’s website. Thurber died Tuesday evening. His handler, Professor Beth Doolittle, announced the news on Facebook.”
The Sacramento Bee, “A university’s beloved bulldog mascot was dying, so the school held a graduation for him,” Nov. 18, 2017

In the meantime, U of R faculty and administrators continued to be tapped for insights on the issues of the day.

“Sexual harassment in Hollywood has a history as long as that of the industry itself: The industry was built, in part, on female harassment behind the scenes.”
History Professor Kathleen Feeley in “The Confessions and Lamentations of Harvey Weinstein,” The Herald Sun (Australia), Oct. 13, 2017

“…During extreme events such as shootings, social crisis, and natural disasters, most users do not have direct access to real information. Because people want to react and fill in the blanks, they tend to spread information rapidly whether or not the news is true or false and the source is trustworthy or not.”
School of Business Professor Mehrdad Koohikamali in “Analysing re-sharing behaviour on social network sites,” (India), Oct. 26, 2017

“We continue to find ways to talk about aggressive behavior, objectification of women, inciting violence with language. … And it’s not to say that we’re going to change anyone’s mind. It’s to give perspective, see multiple perspectives, and then come up with values that make sense to your own person.”
Reggie Robles, associate director of Campus Diversity and Inclusion, speaking about campus group DUDES (Dudes Understanding Diversity and Ending Stereotypes) in “Campus Conversation,” Los Angeles Times, Dec. 11, 2017

“In Alabama, we saw the underlying strength of left parties—sheer numbers … the candidacy of Roy Moore did mobilize crucial segments of the voting population threatened by his cultural agenda.”
Political Science Professor Steve Wuhs in “Mobilizing Voters,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dec. 20, 2017


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