Shaping musicians and people


Mortar Board Honor Society honors Nicholle Andrews as Professor of the Year and a fearless leader

When nominating Nicholle Andrews for the University of Redlands Mortar Board Honor Society’s highest faculty honor, Adrian Laufer ’17 described the University’s director of choral studies as a “fearless leader,” “role model,” and one who “shapes musicians and people.”

That speech hit the right note with the honor society. In March, the students of the Mortar Board designated Andrews the College of Arts and Sciences 2017 Professor of the Year at a President’s High Table.

Laufer, who studied with Andrews throughout her academic career at the University, hailed her as not a “normal” professor but instead one who goes out
of her way to help students succeed. “Many choirs stand there and sing, but she expects more from us—she expects us to interpret emotions and communicate with our audience.”

Andrews says her goal as an educator is to identify the capabilities and learning styles of each student and to assist in their development. “I try to teach my students to be complete musicians, and just as importantly, good human beings and members of the community. I aim to lead by example, both as a musician and colleague.”


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