Science students present their research at premier meeting of chemists


Jacob Khuri ’17 has spent many hours in the laboratory synthesizing new ruthenium metal complexes, a research project he is conducting with Chemistry Professor Henry Acquaye. They are making chemical compounds that are potential treatments for cancer. “In cancer treatments today, cisplatin, a platinum-based anti-cancer agent, is used but causes severe side effects,” says Khuri, who is majoring in chemistry with minors in biology and religious studies. “My project is synthesizing an alternative, ruthenium.”

Khuri and eight other Redlands students will attend the National American Chemical Society Meeting in San Francisco in April. It’s the primary conference for chemists across the nation, and Redlands students will present their work in the field. For Khuri, who plans on a career in medicine, says Acquaye, “his presentation at the meeting will help expose his work, knowledge and experience as a well-rounded candidate for medical school.”

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