Redlands in the media


University of Redlands faculty and students were heard speaking out on issues of the environment, society and politics in publications from the Los Angeles Times to U.S. News & World Report.

Professor Graeme Auton

“On both sides of the Atlantic, large swaths of the electorate have come to believe that the existing ‘system’ really does not have their interests at heart.”

Professor Graeme Auton in “Democracy Versus the People,” U.S. News & World Report, Jan. 19, 2017


Professor Renee Van Vechten

“Yelling isn’t enough. You cannot sustain a scream for a long time. It dies down over time. Anger has to be channeled.”

Professor Renee Van Vechten in “Will Trump spur a tea party of the left?” San Jose Mercury News, Nov. 11, 2016; also quoted on Joe Biden in the Voice of America and on Bernie Sanders in the LA Daily News and other papers


Professor Bill Southworth

“In general, [there were] no set winners [in Sunday’s debate]. [Trump] held his own but did not gain much ground, largely because his goal is to solidify the base.”

Professor Bill Southworth in “What debate experts saw in the second Clinton/Trump debate,” Daily Breeze [Los Angeles County South Bay Region], Oct. 9, 2016


Professor Pauline J. Reynolds

[The nerd-face emoji] hooks into assumptions about the professoriate that are problematic.”

Professor Pauline J. Reynolds in “Professors are nerds. Or so your iPhone would have you believe,” Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept. 16, 2016


Emari McClellan ’20

“You can be a man in modern day society but also express emotions and not be called feminine. I can be myself and still be accepted.”

Emari McClellan ’20, a U of R middle linebacker and member of DUDES (Dudes Understanding Diversity and Ending Stereotypes), in “At University of Redlands, guys meet to parse what it means to be men,” L.A. Times, Oct. 8, 2016



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