L.A. Story: Redlands in the Entertainment Industry


Los Angeles’s world-famous entertainment industry sits just over 60 miles from the Redlands campus—close and yet a world apart.

In fact, in describing the University of Redlands to prospective students, Theatre Arts Professor Chris Beach notes that Redlands is perfectly located for students who want “to be part of an intimate community but still within reach of world-class arts.”

For students considering futures in the entertainment industry, there are field trips to nearby film festivals and industry conferences, as well as visiting artists to elucidate topics from a cappella singing to TV casting. Yet these experiences occur within the liberal arts setting.

“We pride ourselves on our B.A. degree,” says Redlands Theatre Professor Victoria Lewis. “Part of the goal of the program is creating global citizens. We want future leaders. We want there to be thinking artists and thinking actors.”

One of these artists is Michael Ajakwe Jr. ’87.

Michael Ajakwe Jr. ’87: The Art of Storytelling

Miles McAllister ’11: Making Music

Haley Keim ’10 and Tanya Apuya ’08: Setting the Scene

Shavonne Wieder ’10: Loving the Business Challenges

Eric Pierpoint ’73: Open to Opportunities

Scott Palmason ’04: ‘Yes, And …’

Star Power: U of R alumni who have made entertainment history

Sidebars: The Business of Entertainment

Julie Gladders Henderson ’92: Out in Front at 21st Century Fox

Naysan Mahmoudi ’96: Behind the Scenes at Lionsgate




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