James Fallows is The Atlantic’s first Europe editor


James Fallows, who received an honorary degree from University of Redlands in 1996, has been appointed the first Europe editor for The Atlantic magazine. Fallows, 43-year veteran of the magazine, and his wife, Deborah Fallows, a 2016 U of R honorary degree recipient and also a writer for The Atlantic, were named U of R Distinguished Fellows in spring 2015.

“I have spent time at universities across the country and all around,” said James at the University’s Hunsaker Scholarship Dinner in April 2017. “The better I have gotten to know the University of Redlands, the more convinced I have become that it is remarkable in the attention that faculty devote to students.

“If you are looking for a place that will care about you, where the faculty will be concerned about what you learn and what you’re doing with your life, and where the community will nurture your growth as a person, Redlands is the place.”


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