In Memoriam: Kathryn Green, Philanthropist


2015-fall-inmemoriam-kathryn-greenKathryn Green ’76 died April 21, 2015.

Green was a great benefactor of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies. She is survived by her husband, Richard Partridge. The following are passages from the remembrance at her memorial by Johnston Professor Bill McDonald:
It’s the fall of 1975, and I’ve negotiated with Ms. Kathryn Green and some 15 other students a lit course, entitled “The American Dream.” … It was my best class with Kathryn, and what I remember now—and misunderstood then—was how her self-abnegating style could work wonders. … She asked questions. Not the barbed or random or show-offy questions of many of her peers, but questions that helped everyone along. … Whatever human endeavors and institutions she supported she saw as part of that ongoing drive for inclusiveness and wholeness. … She founded, and then endowed, a speakers’ series that, for more than 30 years now, has brought scores of Johnston alumni back to the campus. … [She co-chaired a] five-year reunion for more than 500 people. … [She served] on the University’s Alumni Board, because she could serve Johnston in doing so. … She provided anonymous support for young alumni to attend our seminars. She underwrote the “Disgrace” project. … Just a year ago, she agreed to make a major donation to Johnston’s current $3 million campaign. … I’m giving thanks that Kathryn has been a part of all our communities, that she has been among us all, with us and for us, loving and loyal, making us whole.


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