History Mystery


Before Dick Fosbury changed the sport of the high jump by arching his back over the bar in the 1968 Olympics, our Bulldogs got over the bar in a more traditional way. Do you have information about this high jumper?

Winter 2018

I don’t know the event but the short one behind the speaker is Noel Kobayashi ’62. Noel was a cheerleader, [which explains]the attire. The speaker was probably someone running for office. He may have been Noel Van Ness ’61.

— Jon McMillan ’61



Summer 2018

Although I don’t believe that’s me in the mascot picture (it seems before my time, in the early ’90s), I was legendary in my day. I did a host of events (golf, meet ‘n’ greets, parades, etc., and even a collaboration with San Bernardino mascot, The Bug). I had to do my best to keep [my role]under wraps but word spread around campus. I was the best mascot there ever was, and I had a famous worm dance move I did on the ground during football halftimes! I was young and bold and stepped out of my comfort zone.

—DJ Bryan Bartlett ’01


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