From the editor: Reader survey follow up


On behalf of the Och Tamale team, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent survey. We appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts about the magazine and the suggestions you sent our way!

Result highlights

For those of you interested in the results, here are some of the highlights. Overall, our readers appreciated Och Tamale more than the average alumni magazine, ranking it higher on every single aspect of quality—from cover art to photography and ease of reading to content—compared to the typical Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) school publication.

Och Tamale was an important source of information to its readers (57 percent indicated the magazine provided all or most of their information about the University), strengthening their personal connection to U of R and reminding them of their experience here (84 and 83 percent agreeing or strongly agreeing, respectively). Readers especially appreciated Class Notes, University news and updates, stories about alumni, and the look and feel of the printed publication. In fact, 76 percent preferred to receive the magazine in print and 15 percent preferred reading it in both print and online formats.

The survey responses impressed upon us the true diversity of our readers. While united by a Redlands experience, readers include individuals from all campuses, ages, races, parts of the country (and world), and political perspectives, as well as people invested in the U of R as alumni, parents, students, donors, faculty, employees, and friends. Our efforts to include, welcome, and represent all of our readers will proceed with renewed vigor.

Valuable comments

As we plan the magazine, we are keeping your comments and suggestions in mind. An interest in more information on Greek life (and student organizations in general) has led to the “Greek spotlight” in this issue (page 6). We are hoping to make this type of piece a regular feature.

We are piloting a “Class Notes” for longtime retired professors and staff, and invite you to send us your submissions for the next issue (see page 53). We will also be on the lookout for opportunities to include more contributions from current students.

Our audience couldn’t get enough of photos of our adorable mascot, Addie. We hear you and completely agree!

Some of our readers are sad to flip to their class year and see no entries. So if your year doesn’t have a Class Notes reporter, please volunteer! And if you have news, please send it in! See page 53 for a list of Class Notes reporters.

Please note that, due to the anonymous nature of the survey, if you did not provide your email address, we cannot respond to your comments or change your subscription status because we don’t know who you are. Please feel free to email us at with any requests. Also, while the formal survey is now complete, please keep sending us your comments and suggestions!

Again, thank you!

Mika Elizabeth Ono


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