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book-SpurgeonMcDanielBelieve You Are Beautiful

In her first children’s book, “Believe You Are Beautiful,” which won first place in the children’s category in the Idaho Top Author and the North American Book Awards in 2014, Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel ’63 addresses bullying and the importance of valuing who you are on the inside.

Her beautifully illustrated book relates the story of a caterpillar who is seeking answers to questions. Along the journey of self-discovery, the little caterpillar is bullied by an ant and seeks wisdom from a wise owl who tries to instill the message that beauty exists within and that differences are to be celebrated. With that lesson in mind, the little caterpillar turns into a cocoon and then awakens as a beautiful butterfly.

This multi-faceted book helps parents teach children the importance of understanding their own actions and following their dreams while learning to love and accept themselves for who they are and being proud of who they will become.

book-dugdaleAdventures of a Runamuk Mom, The Early Years

In December 2010, Heather Dugdale ’96 left the workforce to become a stay-at-home-mom to her three daughters, whom she affectionately refers to as the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego.

Not long into her stay-at-home gig, Dugdale finds out that she has a lot to learn and confesses in her blog, “I cried for two weeks terrified I would have no idea what to do with these three beings I brought into this world.”

This honesty, paired with Dugdale’s writing style, humor, and helpful hints, makes her book a must-read for moms everywhere. You’ll laugh and cry along with Dugdale as she chronicles the hard-earned lessons, humbly admits that she isn’t smarter than a fifth-grader and pulls back the curtain so you can share in her trials, tribulations and triumphs of parenting the “Trifecta.”
Pick up your copy at and follow along with Dugdale and her “runamuk” lifestyle at

book-rooksThe Bunny Side of Easter

Where did the Easter Bunny come from? In her picture book, “The Bunny Side of Easter,” Linda Wieck Rooks ’65 answers that question and fills in the gap between the legend of the Easter Bunny and the true meaning of Easter and sacrifice for others.
This exciting and charming adventure chronicles the journey of a mischievous rabbit named Hal and his friends, a plucky duck and a playful monkey, who encounter an angel and a fearsome tiger while lost in a forest on Easter eve.

Will Hal save them and the little angel who was kind to them? Will the angel discover the truth about her power? Find out: “The Bunny Side of Easter” hopped onto shelves this spring.

book-GreenhalghNeedle in the Heart

In his first-person narrative, “Needle in the Heart,” J. Harvey Greenhalgh ’77, ’87 exposes life in North Western England as a cadet nurse during the 1950s when student nurses were ruled by authoritarian Ward Sisters and all equipment had to be washed, scrubbed, irrigated, sharpened and sterilized to be used again and again.

This enlightening book of factual stories about particularly eccentric physicians and consultants—who demanded and procured the finest nursing care for their patients in a hospital that was referred to as “The Fortress”—is basic and brilliant and written with the right prescription of humor, joy and heart-wrenching moments.


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