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The Gatekeeper’s Daughter: A Fantasy, Jerry Berning ’81


The Gatekeeper’s Daughter: A Fantasy

Jerry Berning ’81

A fantasy novel in three volumes by Jerry Berning, whose plays have been presented at theatres throughout Southern California. Berning studied at Purdue University and UC Irvine, as well as Redlands. Currently, he writes, directs and produces one-act comedies at Mission Lakes Country Club in Palm Springs.

Internet Afterlife: Virtual Salvation in the 21st Century, Kevin O’Neill, PhD, professor emeritus, philosophy


Internet Afterlife: Virtual Salvation in the 21st Century

Kevin O’Neill, PhD, professor emeritus, philosophy

The internet has reinvented the paradigm of life and death: social media enables a discourse with loved ones long after their deaths, while gaming sites provide opportunities for multiple lives and life forms. Kevin O’Neill examines America’s concept of afterlife—as imagined in cyberspace—and considers how technologies designed to emulate immortality present serious challenges to our ideas about human identity and to our religious beliefs about heaven and hell.

O, But in the Library, Susan Stevens ’74


O, But in the Library

Susan Stevens ’74

With a dual emphasis in English and music, Susan Stevens studied voice, bassoon and comparative literature at Redlands and received her B.A. in English in 1974. She received an M.A. in creative writing from Northern Arizona University, where she studied with the late poet Jim Simmerman. The poems in her latest book explore the galvanizing aspects of distance and positive tension between people.

The American Evolution Piano Preludes, Kris Carlisle ’82


The American Evolution Piano Preludes

Kris Carlisle ’82

A multi-phase research project that explores the way contemporary American composers use traditional western art-music genres. The preludes on this recording performed by Kris Carlisle use contemporary harmonic, melodic and rhythmic language, reflecting trends that are often unique to American composition.

The West Allis Sessions, Part 1, Andy Fielman ’05


The West Allis Sessions, Part 1

Andy Fielman ’05

This work features 13 independent tunes and two complete symphonies by Andy Fielman. The flavor is classical with a little modern guitar thrown in on “Dance of the Mantra.

Joker to King, Robert Daylin Brown ’94, Ed.D.


Joker to King

Robert Daylin Brown ’94, Ed.D.

The 52 lessons on becoming a man in Joker to King are organized according to the playing cards in a deck. Each chapter includes an explanation of the lesson, a story exemplifying the lesson and an assignment to put the lesson into practice.

History of the Welsh in Minnesota as Told by the Old Settlers, Martha Mull Davies ’62


History of the Welsh in Minnesota as Told by the Old Settlers

Martha Mull Davies ’62

The latest in a series of translations of Welsh-American history originally written in the Welsh language to document their settlements in places like Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Martha Mull Davies has discovered these stories written over a century ago and is translating them from the largely inaccessible Welsh language into English.

Tell Me Everything: How Jesus told me His Story, Jason Helveston ’05


Tell Me Everything: How Jesus told me His Story

Jason Helveston ’05

“Do you want a unique perspective on this thing called Christianity? Are you amazed that this religion started by an itinerant preacher in Israel almost 2,000 years ago is still around and gaining converts today? Do you wonder why so many people embrace that faith? Let me tell you a story—the story Jesus told me—that radically changed me and my life.” – Jason Helveston


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