Four Years explores color, order, politics


In Four Years, a spring exhibition at the University of Redlands Art Gallery, faculty member Munro Galloway planned to display his vibrant paintings that explored color interaction and “stacking order,” the layering of visual information on a screen.

But then came November 2016. Concerned by how the U.S. Presidential election was affecting him as a teacher and artist, Galloway decided to add another layer to the show, reaching out to faculty, students, artists, and writers, both from the University and abroad, to share their thoughts on the impact of the political situation on their lives and work. He compiled the responses in a book that accompanied the paintings in the Four Years exhibition.

Many of the contributors came together for a reading on March 15, including U of R Instructor Youna Kwak. “I was born in 1973,” she read. “I came to America in ’76. There, everywhere I went, I was followed by a voice. The voice ordered me, puzzlingly, to go back where I had come from, though I could not clearly understand where that could be if not the place I already was. The voice said that I was nothing and no one. Uninteresting, unintelligible, of no value . . .  I’ve spent decades struggling to answer the voice.  . . . ”


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