Engaging the Head and the Heart


At his Oct. 7, 2015, installation as the Robert A. and Mildred Peronia Naslund Dean’s Chair of the School of Education, Andrew Wall spoke about using the power of education to lift students up and work for the public good.

“It is a fundamental belief that I’ve always held. It’s been what’s driven my career selection, that I might be in spaces where I would have an opportunity to make the world better.

“When we only speak of education as job preparation, we have lost the fundamental idea that education is, in fact, about the improvement of society to create citizens not simply of America but of a global world where we solve our problems together.

“We have to prepare educators for this commitment, not simply the commitment to have someone prepared to work, but truly to become better citizens of a world that I want to live in, that I want to leave to my kids, and that they’ll want to leave to theirs.”


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