Embracing traditions


While many U of R customs have stood the test of time, others have come and gone—or have been reinvented. In one bygone custom, “Hello Spirit,” freshmen in the 1950s were required to wear beanies and say “hello” to everyone they met on campus, thus instilling the classic Bulldog trait of friendliness among all new students. While the practice may have faded, Redlands kindness has not. Here are some of the U of R traditions that continue to this day on U of R’s Redlands campus.


Further afield

Hike to the “R”

In 1913, a group of freshmen took on a project that would eventually become one of the most recognized symbols of the U of R. Located on a hillside of the San Bernardino Mountains, the “R” is one of the largest and most visible collegiate letters in the country and is maintained by students, alumni, and friends during annual hikes. Some people think it is painted on; it is actually bare land from which the brush has been cleared.

Regional Campuses

Founded in 1976 as the Alfred North Whitehead College for Lifelong Learning, the School of Business (as it was renamed in 2001) was launched to provide educational services to working professionals in locations throughout Southern California. Still fulfilling this mission, some regional locations now also offer degrees from the School of Education. The University of Redlands reaches students in Burbank, Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Diego, and Santa Ana.

Salzburg, Austria

Redlands students have been traveling to Salzburg, Austria, since 1960. Students stay in the Marketenderschlössl, a nearly 500-year-old Renaissance castle. Now one of many study abroad options, the Salzburg program emphasizes enriching on-site classes with travel to locations across Europe.


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