Eliminating barriers to coding


This spring, the University of Redlands School of Continuing Studies is offering a Full-Stack Web Development Boot Camp for the first time. The course is a partnership with a group called Cultivating Coders, which conducts similar boot camps across the U.S. offering affordable access to valuable web development and coding skills, as demand for this ability increases within the job market.

“We want to eliminate as many barriers as possible,” says Charles Ashley III, founder and president of Cultivating Coders. “It should be a human right to know how to code when the rest of the world is requiring kids to learn code in elementary school.”

The 12-week course meets three evenings a week on the main campus and uses an immersive, project-based curriculum. “Upon graduating, students will have the skills to apply for web developer, software developer, and junior mobile app developer positions,” he says. “Code is relevant in every aspect of life, and being able to code is a skill that’s transferable across all platforms and industries.”

The Web Development Boot Camp is one of many programs offered by the School of Continuing Studies for working professionals, and the School’s courses offer undergraduate-level college credit.


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