Class notes


Class Notes reflect submissions received from April 4, 2017, to Sept. 12, 2017.

The College


Harold “Sammy” Haight ’48 lives in Grass Valley, Calif., with his wife, Eva. His memories of Redlands are some of the best of his life.


John Townsend ’54 published an article in the Redlands Daily Facts, “We Must Continue Rerouting Our Religion into the Modern World,” based on a sermon of the same name he gave on campus
in 1963.


Liz Brown Blake ’55 lives in Los Osos, Calif., where she has been involved in the Central Coast Recorder Society for about 20 years. Recently, she discovered the Appalachian dulcimer and the pleasure of learning a new skill. She still enjoys getting into the Back Bay to canoe its waters since she no longer actively kayaks or sails.

Jim Cavener ’55 lives in Asheville, N.C., and has served as president of the Association of Yale Alumni of Western North Carolina for six of the past eight years. For more than three decades, he has been writing for many publications, including The Citizen-Times, Asheville, Pomona Progress Bulletin, Asheville Times, Ontario Daily Report, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and Asheville Citizen.

Betsey Barker Clopine ’55 is proof that close
friendships formed at the U of R last a lifetime. One example is Bob Steinbach ’54. When Betsey’s granddaughter, Marissa, “sang” her commencement speech in San Diego, Betsey was unable to attend. Bob’s grandson also happened to be graduating so he made it a point to say “hello” to Marissa because he knew she had to be related to Betsey!

MaryAnn Black Easley ’55 was recently honored by the University of Redlands with a Career Achievement Award. As a retired educator and the author of more than a dozen books for young adults, she currently teaches mindful journaling, and memoir and fiction writing for the City of Laguna Niguel. She also tutors foreign students in academic skills at Soka University. As an independent boutique publisher, she specializes in memoir and poetry, and has published fellow classmates, including Jim King ’55 and Ernest Lon Chaney Jr. ’55.

Janet McLean Edwards ’55 is still active in the art community. She is well-known for her etchings and shows her work frequently in Redlands. For the past 35 years, she and her husband, Fred Edwards ’54, have been in juried shows at the United Church of Christ. As a respite, they embarked recently on a 14-day Alaskan cruise.

Joni Marshall Ellis ’55 lives in Phoenix and keeps busy with artistic endeavors as well as visits with her friends and family, including three great-grandchildren.

Bruce Henry ’55 enjoys gardening, traveling, and playing golf. Recent golf trips this year included Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico; Napa and Gray Eagle, Calif.; and Reno and Carson City in Nevada. He is involved in a Northern California men’s organization, Sons in Retirement, and he is also busy creating a family genealogy for himself and his late wife, Sallye Saunders Henry ’55. He says it was great fun meeting other alumni at the annual Bay Area Bulldog work project and wine appreciation class, and he also enjoyed meeting his scholarship recipient at Homecoming.

Betty Hikiji Meltzer ’55 is a Cherry Valley, Calif., resident and co-author of two books covering San Gorgonio Pass Native Americans in the 19th century, Losing Ground and Glimpses of History. Losing Ground was honored with an Award of Merit by the American Association of State and Local History, one of six given at that time in the United States.

Chuck Molnar ’55 still preaches on occasion at senior homes and at his former church. He and his wife, Verneida, recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They live in Bonita, Calif., with their older daughter, Ilona, and her husband, Mark. Their younger daughter, Valerie, has been a teacher in Malaysia, but recently took on a new teaching assignment in Istanbul.

Bob Pitman ’55 lives in Mesa, Ariz., and plays golf with a 16 handicap, shooting his age every year since he turned 71. He still consults clients on Medicare. He and his wife, Mary Ellen Pitman ’58, celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary with a cruise to Bermuda. He says he has the greatest memories of his four years at Redlands.

Inez Kenney Scourkes ’55 retired from the San Francisco Unified School District. After raising four daughters, she and her husband, Ted, have lived in Greece, taken the train from Morocco to Oslo, skipped over snowbanks in Moscow, sailed down the Yangtze River, folded paper cranes in Hiroshima, played golf in St. Andrew, watched the rhumba in Havana, and have traveled all over the United States.

Robert Strom ’55 is professor emeritus in the Department of Planetary Sciences, Lunar, and Planetary Laboratory, at the University of Arizona. He is writing a book on extraterrestrial technological life. Using a modified mathematical equation, he has found that even constraining the equation to unlikely results suggests we are not alone.


Al Campbell ’56 writes regarding his wife of 62 years, Marilyn Miller Campbell ’56, who recently passed away: “Some may remember her solo,
‘O Lamb of God,’ a prayer for voice and organ, which was recorded in the Chapel. A friend uploaded this recording to YouTube in case anyone would like to hear her beautiful voice again.” Marilyn’s recording can be found at–98.

Sally Rider Cummings ’56 was sorry to miss the reunion in May. She reports that she is fine but thanks everyone for their kind messages of concern. She traveled to Raleigh for a family graduation and then visited her grandchildren in Denver. She was also happy to spend a few days with Ann Homan Boykin ’55.

Lee Cummins ’56 was very excited to attend the September Bulldog football game at George Fox University, where his granddaughter is a student.

Patti Lewis Garrison ’56 moved into her first home in 1960, at which time a dear friend suggested she hang her college diploma over the washer in the service porch. Six homes later, in Hendersonville, N.C., her U of R diploma is hanging, beautifully framed, in her laundry room! Needless to say, it generates a lot of interest when it is discovered.

Elliott McCloud ’56 and his wife, Joan, celebrated their 66th anniversary by viewing the magnificent Monet exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. At older than 85, he says, they are doing quite well. He loves to assist Joan in the garden and travel to Lake Tahoe for reading, relaxing, and writing in his journal.

Frank Perri ’56 and wife, Audrey Perri ’58, visited a dear friend with terminal cancer in Northern Virginia. On one of their side trips, they visited Jefferson’s Monticello. Afterward, they enjoyed a fine dinner in downtown Charlottesville.

Arlene “Shorty” Hanssen Smith ’56 is enjoying retirement in Lincoln Hills, Calif. She keeps busy with tai chi, aqua aerobics, bowling league, guitar classes, table tennis, and line dancing with many friends. She likes to travel to visit her son and three active teenage grandsons on the East Coast.

Martha Redding Thum ’56 and her husband, Larry, celebrated their 60th anniversary on Aug. 3 with a gathering of family and friends. The following week, they moved to the White Sands retirement community after 46 years in their La Jolla home.


The Class of 1957 had a wonderful time at their 60th reunion in May:

Jenise Englund ’57 and Dudley Sipprelle ’57 talked about their experiences working abroad. Linda Mills Sipprelle ’57 caught up with her former roommate, Nancy Wegner Hayward ’57, who continues to run a preschool.

Mickey Van Deventer Rehwoldt ’57 was greeted by Jim Vincent ’57: “I met your daughter, Lisa, who was playing a ‘Concerts at Three’ at Catonsville Presbyterian Church,” which is a program that Jim leads. Lisa Rehwoldt is on the Howard Community College faculty in Columbia, Md.

Kay Coulter Womack ’57 is a retired teacher and lives in Yucaipa. Her husband, Paul Womack ’57, passed in 2006, and they were married 51 years. Their oldest son, Greg, is a pilot for United Airlines and lives in Virginia with his family. Their other son, Darryl, teaches English at Yucaipa High School and writes books for young adults. His latest is Tales of Westerford. Her daughter, Elizabeth, teaches Spanish at Yucaipa High School. Kay has a happy family with nine grandchildren.


The Class of 1958’s 60th reunion is coming up on May 18–20, 2018! Please save the date and attend! Your reunion committee is forming, and the following people have agreed to assist with planning: Buz Buster, Gordon Clopine, Sally Jo Hansen Comings, John Gustavsen, Doris Haddy, John Knox, Chuck Lippencott, Loren Sanladerer, Sandy Seat, Margie Thomas, and Chuck Thorman.

Thanks to all who sent news for this Och Tamale! Please send any information or questions to your class reporter Gordon Clopine ’58 at and use “Och Tamale” in the subject line.

Sharon Gibson Christen ’58 and her husband, Fred Christen ’57, live in Dallas, Texas. Fred teaches blacksmithing at Dallas Heritage Village and helps run two different wood shops. Sharon is very active with their church—they report “life is good.”

Roger Crim ’58 sends his hello to all.

Kay Allard De Weese ’58 has lived in Hawaii since 1995, the year she completed her Ph.D. She has worked in Tanzania, and taught in Ethiopia, Thailand, and elsewhere! She serves actively in the Mililani Presbyterian Church of Hawaii, with a specialty in teaching children.

Marianne Dozier Kennedy ’58 met Barry “David” Baumgarten ’58 in 1958, and their life together was filled with travel, work, and creative projects. David’s memoir, The 14th Day of Christmas, chronicles his years as a folk singer. Together they produced two films, So Love Returns, based on a book by Robert Nathan, and Melinda’s World, adapted from Marianne’s novel, Faces of Exile. David passed in December of 2016.

Betty Hammen Kirkpatrick ’58 sends her best—she looks forward to the receiving the Och Tamale.

Tony Lane ’58 just returned from sailing from Fiji to Bali, visiting the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. On another excursion to visit Komodo Island, he became very familiar with Komodo dragons, the largest lizards in the world. This summer he and his wife are visiting Kenya and Tanzania!

Dick Puz ’58 completed a first career in banking and since retirement has authored five novels and dozens of short stories, all based on historical events. He and his wife of 61 years have four children, 14 grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter.

Joyce Harkless Renshaw ’58 sends a big “hello” from Cambria, Calif., where she is in her third year as a chair of the Kitchen Tour, is associated with the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, and is a docent and trainer of docents at the local museum. She sings in a local choir and “doesn’t feel 80!”

Lee Richardson ’58 is doing fine after a 48-year career in finance. He and his wife do volunteer work and time passes quickly. They also enjoy their three children and being great-grandparents.

Annie-Lou Carson Riedman ’58 still lives in La Mesa, but spends most of her time in Borrego Springs.

Rod Stephens ’58 and his wife, Shirley, have been on a number of cruises in recent years, mostly from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean. They still live in Redding, Calif., and Rod continues to post music from the J. William Jones-era convocations and “Feast of Lights” on YouTube from the original master tapes.

Mary Lou Russell Stringer ’58 continues to sing with a group of five women for patients at the Elizabeth Hospice of San Diego. She also sings with the Tremble Clefs. She enjoys her great-granddaughter, who will be a year old this month. She misses her husband Bob, who passed on May 4, 2017.


Marilyn Bassford ’59 has moved from La Habra to San Diego. Her new home overlooks the Mission Gorge with wonderful views of hawks riding the thermals and mocking birds chasing crows.

Donna Horner Eliason ’59 and Elward Eliason ’57 spent three months in Norway visiting nearly 100 of Elward’s cousins. After thinking the trip was not feasible, Donna said they decided if dreams don’t have feet they never become a reality! She described the experience as incredible, and they hope to go back.

Gordon Finwall ’59 reports that he is not “lost” as previously reported. He retired from his law firm in Palo Alto, Calif., in 1988 and, after extensive travels, in 1990 moved to Costa Rica, where he started several businesses. He had a second home and business in Mendoza, Argentina, until this year and is still enjoying Costa Rica.

Judith Cummings Hon ’59 celebrated her 80th birthday in May with family and friends at Pauma Valley Country Club in San Diego County. Attending were Anne Cummings ’68, Pam Cummings ’73, and Sally Rider Cummings ’56. Judy volunteers at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Pauma Valley and Palomar Medical Center in Escondido.

Linda Petty Huntley ’59 was surprised with an 80th birthday party hosted by her two daughters. In addition to the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, Marilyn Bassford ’59, along with Joy Lane, a former big band singer and original cast member of “Our Gang” films, joined the elaborate celebration.

Bill Koenig ’59 and family traveled to Fiji and Western Australia. In one three-day period, they visited the Great Barrier Reef, a crocodile farm, and “flew” five miles back and forth in a gondola over a rain forest.

Cynthia Decker Perkins ’59 is now in Simi Valley after the passing of husband, Jerold “JR” Perkins ’57. Cynthia traveled to the Hawaiian Islands and took trips to Israel and an Elbe River cruise. A future trip is planned from Amsterdam to Budapest.

Marilyn Kerr Solter ’59 visited family living in beautiful Tahoe.


Barbara Whitfield Dean ’60 is working with a women’s empowerment program in Sacramento as a storyteller helping women build self-confidence to reach new goals. She is helping launch a similar program at Grass Valley Hospitality House, a homeless shelter, through a series called “Hope and Healing.” She also trained at her local wildlife rehabilitation-and-release raptor’s clinic.

Bob Erikson ’60 and Jean Wagley Erikson ’61 have moved to Beaumont, Calif. They have met many friends there and are keeping active!

Ann Thomason Parks ’60 writes, “I’m not in Capri, alas, but home in beautiful Santa Fe, N.M.”


Annette Veenstra Bain ’61 and her husband, Gary, recently crossed off a major bucket list item by traveling to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos with Overseas Adventure Travel. They were the oldest of the tour group but managed all the hiking and snorkeling like pros.

Hermann Bussmann ’61 was an exchange student for about six months at the U of R 50 years ago. He had a wonderful time then. He tries as often as possible to be in Myrtle Beach, S.C., each year in November to maintain contact with U.S. citizens.

Bruce Johnson ’61 retired in 2015 after 42 wonderful years as a gastroenterologist. He and his wife, Cheryl, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in July by taking 21 family members, including Kirsten Johnson Cline ’92 and Wendell Johnson ’65, on a Disney cruise around the British Isles. In 1993, Bruce founded Americans Helping Asian Children, a nonprofit foundation. They have helped thousands of very poor and disadvantaged kids in Southeast Asian countries where few organizations are there to help. It has been a wonderful and rewarding part of his life.

Ruth Emrick Love ’61 lost her husband, Charles Love ’59, in February 2017 from Lewy body dementia. Her two sons and four grandchildren are a great support. Ruth retired from teaching almost 13 years ago, so she and Charles had many years to travel. She continues to live in Pleasant Hill, Calif.

Fred Olsen ’61 got his start in ceramics with Leon Moburg at the U of R. Fred’s book, The Kiln Book, was first published in 1973 and is in its fourth edition. It has become known around the world as the bible of kiln books and will soon be in its fifth edition. Fred had an exhibition, which is about the ceramic artists who have fired with him in his kiln over the past 33 years, and is celebrating the only such kiln in Southern California.

William Roethlisberger ’61 and sons recently took a trip to Normandy and the WWI and WWII battle sites.

Judith May Sisk ’61 and her older son, Joel, traveled up the California and Oregon coasts to a cosmic party for the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 at Oregon State University in Corvallis. The soccer field was full of people. At the moment of totality, clapping, cheering, shouting, jumping up and down, kisses, and hugs erupted from the crowd. Joel got splendid photos of the phases of the eclipse, including the totality and the diamond ring effect.

Clarice Giberson Wiggins ’61 and her husband, Harry, had fun with their three grandsons this summer, bodysurfing and boogie boarding at the Central California Coast for two weeks. The highlight of the summer was a hike to Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon.

Chuck Wilkinson ’61 threw the javelin as a member of the track team of 1961. He recently threw the javelin far enough to rank him 15th in the world in his age group.

Enid Woods ’61 relocated from Lake of the Ozarks to Branson West, Mo., where she is really enjoying the shows and activities. She welcomed the arrival of her 18th great-grandchild on Aug. 10.


Maggie Boren Bell ’62 and husband, Ray, cruised to the Mexican Riviera in August. Maggie continues creating quilts and patchwork baby blankets for charity fundraisers.

Tom Gilmer ’62 and Judy Smith Gilmer ’62 enjoyed the August World Championships in track and field in London. Returning to the U.S., they traveled to Madras, Ore., to experience the awe and wonder of totality during the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21 at 10:19 am.

Peggy Selover Overland ’62 and Jean Oliver Whitt ’63 had a fantastic trip in June 2017 with Overseas Adventure Travel to Northern Spain and Portugal.

Bob Simms ’62 and Linda Nelson Simms ’62 cruised the British Isles this summer. They also are happy to report their son, Paul Simms, is executive producer and showrunner for the multiple award-winning TV show “Atlanta” on FX.

Nancy Schwartz Young ’62 and Rev. Mike G. Young ’61 moved back to Honolulu last year after Mike’s retirement. During the last seven years of his ministry, he performed interim ministries through which he cared for Unitarian Universalist churches while they looked for new settled ministers. They were in Waterville, Maine; Studio City, Calif.; Venice, Fla.; and Canoga Park, Calif. Mike is a docent at Hanauma Bay, and Nancy is a docent at the Honolulu Museum of Art.


Jim McElvany ’63 and his wife of 36 years, Doreen, moved to a full-time residence in Sheridan, Wyo., after living part-time for many years in Jackson Hole. He golfs, hikes, and rides bicycles. His riding buddies are Tony Taylor ’63, Dave Shikles ’63, and Chuck Wilke ’64.

Norm Naylor ’63 and his wife, Ann, took a river cruise on the Seine River from Paris to Normandy. In Paris, they went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and visited Versailles and the Louvre. One of their highlights was to walk on Omaha Beach, “where so many paid the ultimate price for freedom.”


Steve Courso ’64 has returned to Bangkok, Thailand, after 10 years in Hong Kong. Steve is general manager of ScentAir Thailand, the leading “scent marketing” company. He is a member of both the American Chamber of Commerce and the Thai-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he is also a member of the British Club Bangkok and the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand. He loves traveling to Europe to visit his daughter in Spain and oldest son in Germany.

Tawnie Parizek Horine ’64 is pleased her grandson, Diego Altamirano ’21, chose Redlands out of all the colleges to which he was accepted.

Art Stephenson ’64, Bill Hendrick ’64, John Mehl ’64, Larry Spencer ’64, and Dick Long ’65 are five Gamma Nu brothers who gathered at Art’s home in Houston, Texas, in April for their annual reunion. They have been getting together at least once a year for more than three decades to swap lies, practice reciting “Och Tamale” and, in more recent times, complain about their aches and pains … a process they lovingly refer to as their “organ recital.”


Tom Boyer ’65 retired from medical practice and the University of Arizona on Aug. 1. He had a wonderful career in academic medicine and will miss the research, writing of papers and book chapters, as well as the patients. He hopes to travel around the country with his friend, Sherry, and his dog. He plans to live in Tucson for the foreseeable future. “Redlands and the friends I made there make it one of the best times of my life.”

Nancy Wheeler Durein ’65 was named an area director for Delta Kappa Gamma, which means she is the liaison between the state organization and the chapters from King City, Santa Cruz, Salinas, and Monterey. Delta Kappa Gamma is an international society for women educators. Her classmate, Christine Fuller ’65, is also active at the state level. Nancy and her husband continue to travel. She went to Portugal in the spring and France in the fall, and enjoys time with grandchildren.

Fred Emmert ’65 had his “Air Views” aerial photo retrospective of Fashion Island/Newport Center on display at the atrium court at Fashion Island from July 14 through Sept. 28. This half-century aerial photography retrospective shows the changing scene atop a knoll that is now a fully developed Newport Beach. John Wayne Airport’s Art Commission has selected the images for display in the airport terminal from October 2017 to March 2018.

Gary George ’65 has just published the fifth book in the Smoke Tree Series, Deep Desert Deception. All five of the Smoke Tree Series books are available both as e-books and in print.

Toby Larson ’65 continues to host live jazz concerts at a wonderful home overlooking the ocean in Newport Coast. His is the only private venue in Orange County that hosts live jazz on a regular basis. The events include buffet lunch, wine, and beer. Toby recently returned from a restful week at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, a luxurious fitness and organic food resort.

Beverly Lynn ’65 had a great time with the Johnston Center group that attended the Oregon Shakespeare Festival earlier last summer, where she met lovely people and had stimulating discussions about Shakespeare and other theater experiences. They saw six plays in four days and went rafting on the Rogue River on the day the theaters were dark. Then it was on to visit relatives in the Portland area, including niece, Erika Lynn Quiggins ’91. At the end of the trip, she stayed with Joyce Thomas Lynch ’65 and Gil Lynch ’65 at their summer home near Glacier National Park.

Tom Miller ’65 has enjoyed reconnecting with friends and colleagues in Nova Scotia, where he worked in theatre for 15 years, and in Vancouver, where he and his partner lived for 17 years. For the last 12 years, he has lived in Oakville, located on the shores of Lake Ontario. He is still painting and loving it. His current work is inspired by favorite artists whose paintings he has seen in museums in Europe and North America. He shows and sells his
work in several online galleries.

Drew Rodgers ’65 lives in Oslo, Norway. After retiring, he wrote a novel, John, Waldo and Henrietta. He spends a good deal of time at the piano and plays at a nursing home once a week. He also blogs, mostly on political topics but sometimes on cats. He taught international business communications at Oslo University College School of Business. Drew was “lost” for many years but has recently reconnected with the University.

Alice Randall Wallace ’65 and her husband, Craig Wallace ’64, are going on a Holland America “repositioning” cruise in September with son, Billy, and his wife, Gloria, and Gloria’s extended family to celebrate Craig’s 75th (GASP!) birthday. They will fly to Vancouver, explore there and in Victoria, then board a ship in Vancouver to cruise back to Victoria, then to Astoria and San Diego.


Dayton Dickey ’66 and Leslie Bertram Dickey ’69 spent an enjoyable week in Boston taking in the many historical and cultural attractions. A return trip is already planned.

Dave Partie ’66 was inducted into Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement in December 2016. In July 2017, Dave taught a course in English and American literature at Peking University in China.

Bill Rydeen ’66 is still working in survey research at ISA and enjoying life in Los Angeles. He is a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, an organization that performs charitable work in Canada and the United States. Bill keeps up with the U of R sports teams through email.


Steve Carmichael ’67 reports that his class had a great 50th reunion and raised more than $3.3 million in donations with a contribution rate of 42 percent, which is a great result. He says, “If you didn’t make the 50th reunion, be sure to come to our 55th, which will be here before you know it.”

Harold Knight ’67 taught English at Southern Methodist University (SMU) for 15 years and retired in 2014 after 35 years of college music and English teaching. He now tutors athletes at SMU in English and teaches high school equivalency English at the Aberg Center for Literacy in Dallas. He retired from 50 years as a church musician, writes constantly, and works as an advocate for the people of Palestine.


Jackie Bennett Bossuet ’68 reports, “I turned out to be a decent citizen, a reasonably good mother, married 43 years so far, dabbled in the arts, served God many ways for many years, and traveled the backroads of America for thousands of miles!”

Laura Spencer Davis ’68 was elected 2017–2018 president of the Tualatin Valley chapter of the Oregon Music Teachers Association (OMTA). Laura has enjoyed teaching private piano in her home studio for more than 25 years. She loves it so much that she hopes to continue teaching “until I’m 80!” She has also published a full-color piano book, Carols for a Family Christmas, featuring favorite traditional Christmas carol arrangements in four different skill levels.

Chris Dewees ’68 published a book, A Life Among Fishes, which presents his skills in Japanese fish printing (gyotaku).

Nancy Bailey Franich ’68 wants everyone to come to the reunion May 18–20, 2018: “You won’t want to miss out on all the fun of this historic occasion. Having made it to our 70s, the most important thing is that we are still alive, able to enjoy each other’s friendship, and share the memories of our great years at Redlands. Hope to see you there!”

Chris Lampe ’68 is the California League historian for baseball and was instrumental in helping to create the first California League Hall of Fame. He travels to minor league baseball games all over the country; a highlight was throwing out the first pitch at the California-Carolina League All-Star Game in Lake Elsinore in 2016. Chris manages the Los Altos Vault and Safe Deposit Company in Los Altos, Calif., and with his wife, Leigh, runs a weekly trivia game. While visiting his oldest son, Lyndon, in Madison, Wis., he stopped by to visit Jeri Inness ’68 in Winona. Chris is planning to be at the 50th reunion in May.

Susan Bartley Lea ’68 and her husband, Bob, live in Monterey, Calif. Susan is delighted that her only grandchild recently moved there from Phoenix. She hopes to see many of her classmates at the 50th reunion in May.


Mary Nelson Hunt ’70 gave a week-long 70th birthday party for her husband, Ken Hunt ’69. The event on Coronado Island included a bike ride each weekday with a variety of rides designed by Bill Lowman ’70 and Brian Cole ’70. There were fun events each evening, including great dinners and even a lawn-bowling lesson and match. It all culminated in a party on Friday night. Numerous U of R friends attended throughout the week, including Misi and Bob Ballard ’69, Bill Bryden ’69, Brian Cole ’70 and Jean McMurry Cole ’70, Cathy Gage Curtis ’70, Heather Hunt Dugdale ’96, Gretchen and Jon Erb ’70, Steve and Leslie Miller Grafstrom ’69, Gary Gray ’70 and Joan Griesbaum Gray ’73, Terry and Sue Schmidt Johnson ’70, Carolyn and Bill Lowman ’70, Shelia Rowe Moses ’70 and Denny Moses ’70, and Terry Schultz ’72.


Daniel Tsang ’71 was awarded a Fulbright U.S. School grant to research protest culture in Hong Kong as the former British Crown Colony observes 20 years since its handover to China. It’s his second Fulbright grant; his first was awarded in 2004 to perform research in Vietnam. Tsang is distinguished librarian emeritus at University of California, Irvine, where he worked for more than 30 years before retiring in July 2016.


Lyndy Barcus Dye ’73 says the class’s 45th reunion will be celebrated next year during Alumni Reunion Weekend, May 18–20, 2018. The luncheon will be on Saturday along with other campus activities. Please save the date and plan to come for the day or spend the whole weekend. Plans are also being made for a Friday night warm-up activity and a Sunday brunch. If you have suggestions or would like to join the reunion committee, send a message to or the U of R Alumni Office. If you (or someone you know) are not receiving U of R mailings, update your contact information, including a current email address.

Jim Hazlett ’73, Brad Nelson ’72, and Dan Daniel ’74 belong to a group on Facebook called “University of Redlands Music and Drama Alumni: 1968–1974.” They had a reunion in June, and were given a tour by School of Music Dean Andrew Glendening, sang several songs with former “Feast of Lights” Director Jeffrey Rickard ’69, and were joined by Wayne Bohrnstedt, U of R faculty emeritus and former chair of the school of music.


Susan Cox Stevens ’74 will publish Things We Might Miss: New and Collected Poems with Finishing Line Press in December 2017. Her previous chapbooks, With Ridiculous Caution (2013) and O, But in the Library (2017), were also published by Finishing Line Press. A retired college instructor, she is working on a novel about the philosophical ethos in 1960s Alaska.


Doris Baldwin Moberg ’75, Manina Zscheile Moles ’75, Catherine Gilpin O’Neill ’75, and Barbara Rowe Wood ’75 connected in July at two different weddings, which provided opportunities for these close friends since their U of R days to get together. Doris’s daughter, Diana, married William Taylor in Pleasanton, Calif., on July 16; and Manina’s daughter, Elisa, married Vijay Rajan in San Jose, Calif., on July 22.


Terry Dittmar Almy ’76 is retiring from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and already looking for part-time work. She is living in Los Angeles with her husband and fifth guide dog, Trooper. She had her left knee replaced in September and is looking forward to being able to take long walks. She is on Facebook if you’d like to reconnect.

Don Damschen ’76 has faithfully entered the random drawing for the right to buy tickets for the Masters Tournament for the past 25 years. He was finally selected this year and received practice round tickets, which was a bucket list item for him. He and his best friend flew from Fresno to Atlanta, stayed with Gene Lage ’77, and attended the April 4 practice round. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience—great weather, inexpensive food/beer, and the beautiful hallowed grounds of Augusta National. A tradition unlike any other.

Ann Halligan ’76 nearly missed the class notes as she was in the middle of Hurricane Harvey. She survived the flooding without any water in her house, but, like everyone there, personally knows three different people who experienced flooding.

Mela Hoyt-Heydon ’76 has retired from Fullerton College after 35 years, where she served as chair of the Theatre Arts Department for 15 of those years. She opened a millinery shop in Fullerton in January and is a union costume designer for the entertainment industry. Her son is waiting for his bar results, and her daughter is a freelance sound mixer for the entertainment industry. Her husband, Bruce Heydon ’76, is a tax audit rep and a part-time millinery shop employee!

Steve Mooney ’76 became a grandfather for the first time when his son and daughter-in-law, Kellen and Nicolette, blessed him with his grand-daughter, Blakely Elyseé Mooney, born in July.

Katy Trumbo ’76 is excited to announce that she retired in 2016 after 40 years of teaching special education with learning-disabled children. She jumped right into traveling with Ann Halligan ’76 on a cruise to Alaska, a tour of Spain and Portugal, this year’s U of R trip to Paris, plus 10 additional days to tour other parts of France. In July and August, she was in northern Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia with five Delta sisters and 15 others. When at home, she keeps busy with visits to St. Jude’s Hospital in Fullerton with her two therapy dogs, Delilah and Whitney.

Karen Waterman ’76 has been slowly rebuilding her ceramics business after a break of several years and recording her second album. The first album, Light at My Window, has been out since 2012.

LeAnn Zunich ’76 attended her 18th annual U of R fly-fishing trip in Mammoth in August. She went to Europe in September to visit a sister who now lives near Frankfurt—the trip included her first time to Paris, tickets to Jimmy Buffett’s Paris concert, and the Berlin Marathon.


Gordon Cameron ’81 is loving retirement after working 34 years at United Technologies Aerospace Systems. His wife, Kristen Schmidt ’75, ’76, works as a professional harpist. Their daughter graduated from the University of California, Riverside.

Teri Crawford ’81 is semi-retired. She and her Australian shepherd, Promise, are very active with dog shows. They are earning ranking points to be invited to the National Finals in Florida.

John Dunlap ’81 runs a regulatory consulting firm in Auburn, Calif., representing a host of companies and trade groups with environmental challenges and opportunities. He is also on the board of directors for companies in Washington, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California. He stays connected to Joe Irvin ’81 and Patricia Slaven-Irvin ’81. John and his wife, Jane, have seven grandkids (six girls and a boy, John Dunlap the fifth)! They just celebrated their 36th anniversary.

Gina Griffin Hurlbut ’81 is having fun keeping up with friends from the U of R. She and Martha Armacost Jamieson ’81 had lunch a few times recently. Martha and husband, Tom, are back in St. Petersburg after living in the Northeast. They are fine after Hurricane Irma went through Florida.

Dan Lewis ’81 is a senior curator at The Huntington Library. His third book is coming out in 2018 from Yale University Press: Belonging On an Island: Birds, Extinction and Evolution in Hawai’i. He is also working on a biography of Peter Matthiessen.


Susan Martini Truman ’83 is in her sixth year as principal of Coastal Christian Academy. She created Mom’s Cafe to help young mothers strengthen their faith, and along with husband, Nathan Truman ’83, teaches parenting classes at several churches around Los Angeles South Bay.


Kimberly Gordon Biddle ’87 is a professor of child development and has published her first children’s book, LaDonna Plays Hoops. She has also co-authored her second textbook.

Melinda Walters Burkhart ’87 was named the 2017 Teacher of the Year by Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena. Melinda teaches first grade at Lincoln Elementary in Pasadena, and this school year marks her 31st year of teaching.


Ralph Winnie ’92 gave a speech on sports diplomacy and peacebuilding at the 2017 Luxembourg Peace Prize ceremony.


Sean Comadena ’94 was named High School Game Times’ Tennis Coach of the Year for Redlands
High School.


Frankie Brennan ’95 has been coaching women’s tennis at Stanford University. In his 23 years of coaching, he has coached his team to 10 NCAA titles and has been named Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Regionals Coach five times and ITA National Coach in 2003. He lives in San Carlos, Calif., with his 13-year-old daughter, Francesca.

Heidi Chen ’95 is enjoying living in New York.

Gary Giannoni ’95 and Dulce Trice Giannoni ’95 will celebrate 20 years of marriage this December. They have three sons: Gary III, a high school senior; Gian-Benjamin, a high school freshman; and Gienzo, a kindergartener. Combined, they have 35 years of teaching between them. Dulce celebrates her 20th year as a high school English teacher and her second year as English language coordinator for Buchanan High School in Clovis, Calif. Gary attended the 25th Rangi Ya Giza (RYG) anniversary in April with classmate Liu Naotala ’95.

Shannon Heavilin-Beattie ’95 will be going back into the classroom to teach full time in the fall. Her son, Shane, attends college locally, and her other son, Cody, is in boot camp beginning his career in the military.

Kim Brody Naujokas ’95 and her husband moved to the beautiful bluegrass state of Kentucky. They live in Lexington, where she works for a small, private, liberal arts university. When they aren’t working or traveling, they love to host cocktail parties on their front porch or spend time playing with their incredibly handsome rescue pup, Rufus. They will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary
this summer.


Monique Nasser Gannon ’96 is an adjunct professor of voice at Birmingham Southern College. In January 2018, she will perform her first interdisciplinary show, “The Art of Music,” for the Central Alabama Theatre. Her show will correlate her original acrylic and mixed media paintings with a selection of jazz and popular songs.

Heath Gregory ’96 co-founded the Tour de Pier cancer fundraiser, which has raised more than $4 million in five years. The event helps support brain cancer research through the Uncle Kory Foundation, which he started with his wife, Amanda.

Bill Haynes ’96 is the general manager of the Orange County branch of TTI Inc., a division of Berkshire Hathaway. Billy’s son is a freshman in high school and runs cross country; his daughter is a seventh-grader and plays volleyball. Over the last two years, Billy’s wife, Jennifer Alford-Haynes ’94, has been in a fight with brain cancer. Jen is still going through treatment and has blogged a lot of her brain tumor journey. Please keep Billy, Jen, and their kids in your thoughts and prayers.

Stephanie Lew Henevich ’96 is working at Chatterbox Daycare and lives in Penn Hills, Pa. Her daughter is six years old and going into first grade.

Jen Argue Moffett ’96 is in San Antonio working as a math consultant in California (although she lives in Texas). Her husband, Aaron Moffett, was selected to be the head American coach for the 2017 Invictus team headed to Toronto in October.

Martita Huntress Olson ’96 and husband, Jeff, had their first baby, Hunter Maverick Olson, on June 16, 2017.

Geoff Roche ’96, U of R head men’s tennis coach, captured his 300th win in men’s tennis at the University of Redlands on March 11 with an 8-1 victory over Virginia’s University of Mary Washington. He continues to coach the men’s and women’s tennis teams and looks forward to his 19th season at the helm.

Leticia Llamas Wells ’96 received the 2017 Woman of Influence Award from the College of Southern Nevada. This award is given to a woman who inspires others with her ethical decision-making, program development contributions, and overall dedication toward the college community.

Tamara Van de Vanter Youngstrom ’96 had an awesome time visiting Annalisa Haldy Ghidossi ’96 in Bellinzona, Switzerland, in June.


Gannon Burks ’98 was named the 2017–2018 High School Support Services Educator of the Year at Lorin Griset Academy and REACH Academy high schools, where he splits time as a teacher on special assignment. He was also named District High School Support Services Educator of the Year, which is a first for the Santa Ana Unified School District.


Shelley Applegate ’00 just started her 15th year teaching and currently teaches fifth grade. She lives in her beautiful home state of Oregon. She and her boyfriend, Virgil, just bought a new home outside of Portland and live there with their two dogs.

Shelley Applegate ’00, Teal Sewards Conroy ’00, Sandy Fuentes Flynn ’00, Andrea George Haynes ’00, and Nami Kobayashi Van Elk ’00 had an unofficial reunion this summer in Sonoma for some wine tasting and reminiscing. They had fun picking up right where they left off!

Teal Sewards Conroy ’00, her husband, Kevin, their son, Keagan, and their daughter, Sutton, bought a house in Marin County in 2016, where Teal works in advancement at Marin Academy. She recently adopted two dogs, Archie Cookie Conroy and Frankie Michael Jackson Conroy, from a rescue in Northern California.

Dane Reeves ’00 and Erica Wyatt Reeves ’99 are living in Napa. Erica accepted a teaching job at their neighborhood school, where their two oldest boys (9 and 7) attend. Their two-year-old is addicted to baseball and looks to be a promising pitcher (at least that is how Dane explains their broken TV). Dane started a new job at the end of June at an amazing nonprofit, Continuing Care Retirement Community, and feels like he works at Club Med.

Carrie Lynn Samboy-Ortiz ’00 and husband, George, are currently living in Providence, R.I. She homeschools their five boys, Dimitri (13), Ethan (11), Alexander (6), Jeremiah (4), and Israel (2). Six years ago, their family started a nonprofit called The Elisha Project, which feeds the homeless and people in need. They are currently serving in Providence, Boston, and New York. The Elisha Project recently started rescuing food from local restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries.

Larissa Wentworth Thompson ’00 and Brandon Thompson ’00 are currently living in Porto Alegre, Brazil. They are teaching at the Pan American International School, where their two kids, Kaiya (10) and Zoey (8), attend. They are enjoying new adventures and learning Portuguese!

Rebecca Romo Weir ’00 lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband, Ben, and two girls, Julianne (5) and Madison (3). She continues to serve as in-house counsel for the Legal Services Corporation, ensuring that the poor have access to free, high-quality attorneys in civil matters.

Maj. Tyson Wetzel ’00 married Lt. Col. Amanda Figueroa on April 15, 2017, in Cancun. Tyson is currently assigned to the Pentagon.


Andrea Feathers ’03 married Michael Parante on Aug. 26, 2017, in Los Angeles. Andrea is an associate at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP law firm, and her husband, Michael, is a deputy public defender at the Federal Public Defender’s office in Los Angeles. The couple honeymooned in Italy and Spain.

Jamie Levine Humphrey ’03 and husband welcomed their first child, Maximus Humphrey, on March 20, 2017. The family resides in West Linn, Ore.

Michael Kirst ’03 and his wife, Kristen, welcomed their first child, Everett John Kirst, on Oct. 26, 2016, in Raleigh, N.C. The family resides in Apex, N.C. Mike currently teaches at Carey High School.

Matthew Knez ’03 is partner at Knew Law Group LLP in Riverside and a member of the Riverside County Bar Association, San Bernardino County Bar Association, and Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

Vicki Lan ’03 spent six years in the audit practice at Ernst & Young in Orange County and Las Vegas and then seven years as the head of SEC reporting and technical accounting at DreamWorks Animation. She decided to take a year off from work beginning April 2017. Her plans include retraining herself on the piano and flute, a drive up the coast to Seattle to visit Stas Melnikov ’02 and Amanda Shaffer Melnikov ’03, a cruise to Antarctica in December, and a trip to the Maldives.

Mary Grace Maloney ’03 is the assistant director of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands.

Cristin Newkirk ’03 is the medical director for inpatient and outpatient medicine at Beaver Dam Community Hospital in Beaver Dam, Wis., where she lives with her husband, Wayne.

Jillian Rawson ’03 married Chris Edwards on April 8, 2017. University of Redlands alumni in attendance were Andrea Duran Allen ’03, Erika Lemley Renville ’03, Shonna Gay Marshall ’02 and John Marshall ’01. The couple now resides in Spokane, Wash.


Steve Gormley ’05 and Kelsey De Forge Gormley ’07 welcomed Margaret “Maggie” Gail Gormley on Aug. 24, 2017. She joins big brother, Daniel, who is three years old.

Alice Penney Keller ’05, Kyle Keller ’06, and their son, William, welcomed Penny Cathleen on June 10, 2017.

Michelle Newman ’05 married Joshua Ravich on April 2, 2017. Alumni in attendance included Irma Alejandra Gomez ’05, Christina Hoard Guess Hamilton ’05, Rosalind Lopez ’05, Shannon McMahon ’05, Tracie Owens Rjasankar ’05, Luisa Rodriguez ’06, Favy Salazar ’05, and Rachel Silverman Stone ’05.


Nick Bernhard ’08 and Laura Murphy ’08 married on June 24, 2017. Danielle Rocheleau Bernhard ’02, Jake Bernhard ’03, Allison Clark ’11, Nick Giordano ’10, Patrick Latham ’09, Kelly Luck ’10, Jenny Martin ’05, Paul Stanchfield ’03, Valerie Katayama Suzuki ’08, Dave Thomas ’08, Heather Lokar Thomas ’08, James Thompson ’09, Courtney Marsh Wetmore ’09, Luke Wetmore ’06, Chris Wilson ’09, and Meghan Yetman ’10 attended the wedding to support the happy couple. They both work in Hanoi, Vietnam, at Wellspring International Bilingual School.


Laura Remy Davis ’09 and husband, Foster, welcomed their second son, Aden James, on July 9. He joins brother, Thomas.


Emi Boyd ’11 is a rising second-year law student at Loyola University Chicago School of Law with a fellowship in health law. She will be spending this summer in Europe studying with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in Rome.

Shannon Call ’11 is a new owner of a Jimmy John’s franchise in Las Vegas and is currently working on opening two more in the next year.

Nick Daily ’11 married his partner of seven years, Josh Scacco, on July 29, 2017, at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Claremont. Richard Daily ’11 was their best man.

Richard Dye II ’11 graduated from the environmental science program and finished his arborist certification last year. He was just hired on as a vegetation work planner for Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). Richard is the youngest individual in his department and sees himself as an asset in taking this company into the future of power and tree management.

Porscha Soto Guillot ’11 graduated in May with an M.A. in social entrepreneurship and change from Pepperdine. She is also taking a month to live abroad in Ecuador and can’t wait to explore new career opportunities when she returns.

Jeremy Kalmus ’11 was recently promoted to account manager after five years at Apple. He is also on TeamUSA and will be competing at the August International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championships long course triathlon in Penticton, Canada, and the September Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Jennifer Marie Manzi ’11 is currently the manager of the College of the Desert Alumni Association Street Fair. She and Brandon Chapman were engaged in 2015, and they welcomed their son, Langston, into the world in January 2015. They also welcomed their newest addition to the family, a beautiful baby girl, Amaya, in March of this year!

Tom Sponheim ’11, ’13 and Katie Stutz ’11 were married June 10, 2017, in Snohomish, Wash. Fellow alumni in attendance were Taylor Atchison ’11 and Chandler Weeks Atchison ’11, Taniela Havea ’11, Addison Hummel ’11, and Shannon Prager ’11.

Jessica McClenny Trager ’11 married Ian Trager ’12 in 2012. She also earned her master’s in special education from California State University, San Bernardino in 2015 and is currently working for the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District as a special education teacher. She and Ian also just welcomed their first baby, Adeline Trager, into the world on May 17, 2017.


Courtney Carroll ’12 graduated with her teaching credential in 2013 and just earned her M.S. in education with a specialization in reading and math. After four years teaching at a private school, she will now begin teaching in the Los Altos School District in the Bay Area. She and Anthony Bertolacci ’12 were also recently engaged and will be getting married in summer 2018!

Gioia DiMicco ’12 began her low-residency graduate program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y., for creative arts therapies.

Jessica Martinez ’12 completed an M.S in college student services administration from Oregon State in 2014. She was recently hired as the assistant director of the Women’s Center at University of California, San Diego.

Chris Radtke ’12 and Laura Renault ’12 are engaged and will be married May 2018 at the Alumni House. Laura recently graduated with an M.A. in special education and is now working as an education specialist in Newport Mesa Unified School District. Chris has his CPA licenses and is now working for the Irvine Company as a senior accountant.

Kaitlin Wolfe ’12 earned an M.A. in clinical mental health counseling from Redlands. She is now in her second year pursuing a Ph.D. in pharmacology at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.


Christina Dietz ’13 and Andrew Pavlov ’13 married on June 12, 2017, in San Juan Capistrano.

Victoria Llort ’13 recently became the strategy and policy advisor for Riverside County Fourth District Supervisor V. Manuel Perez.


Jorge Cervantes ’14 proposed to Madison Guss ’15, and they are to be married in May 2018 on campus.


Nicci Riggio ’15 completed her master’s in social work and is now a nephrology social worker at Fresenius Kidney Care.


Jessica Beal ’16 accepted a teaching associate position at a charter school in Silverlake in Los Angeles.



Carla Goldberg ’87 had an art exhibition of her work at the Joan McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco in February. She also has had numerous large-scale art commissions for commercial spaces and exhibitions in Manhattan, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Boston. She lives in New York.


Lindsay McNicholas ’05 is the director of adult and youth services at Denver Public Schools’ Office of Family and Community Engagement, which oversees the Center for Family Opportunity. She has worked on a mobile laundry truck for low-income and homeless families that demonstrates a commitment to improving family stability.


Richard Daily ’11 started on his Ph.D. in history and African-American studies at Penn State.

Nina Fernando ’11 married Noel Andersen on May 28, 2016, at the Claremont School of Theology. Bridesmaids included Elizabeth Smith-Jones Coelho ’09, Elena Cannon Fernandes ’11, and Lara Fernando ’10.


Shiloh Drake ’12 is the recipient of a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation. She is studying at the University of Arizona’s Department of Linguistics.


Samantha Levin ’13 is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Queensland, Australia. She was also recently engaged to her Australian fiancé, Mitchell Smith.

School of Business


Mike Rothmiller ’78 has published a book, The Tenets of World Religions, encompassing the basic tenets of 25 different religions. He also published a series of snap books, The World’s Greatest Codes, which are under 100 pages and cover various topics such as ancient Roman law, the Code of Hammurabi, the Declaration of Independence, and the Magna Carta.


Marie Woodruff ’81 has written a book, How to Keep Your Wardrobe Updated, a self-help book on changing your old or outdated clothes into your very own haute couture originals.


Carolyn Starr-Arrington ’89 has written a book of short stories and poems, Smiling Through the Tears. It is a collection of notes, quotes, and memories about the power of love, joy of family, and strength from God.


Lt. Cmdr. Phillip Menard ’00 is a U.S. Seventh Fleet intelligence watch officer and was awarded the 2017 RDML Edwin T. Layton award, which honors mid-to-senior active or reserve intelligence officers, chief warrant officers, and enlisted personnel for their outstanding leadership and mentorship in the furtherance of naval intelligence performance.


Samuelle Koster Mangibin ’05 received a Woodrow Wilson Georgie Teaching Fellowship for 2017. This is a highly competitive program that recruits recent graduates and career-changers with strong backgrounds in STEM fields and prepares them specifically to teach in high-need secondary schools.


Nathan Wall ’08 has deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan, with the California Army National Guard’s 40th Infantry Division in support of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.


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