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For the King family, eminent legal careers were a logical progression from their time at Redlands.

Pamela Preston King ’72 and Jeffrey King ’72 made enduring friendships—including their own—within the close-knit community of the University of Redlands as students.Both went on to the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, graduating with their JDLs. Following suit, their three sons are also attorneys. Today, Pamela is a judge in the Superior Court of San Bernardino County and Jeffrey is a justice in the Court of Appeals for the 4th District in the county.

Pamela attended Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, during her sophomore year, her first travel experience outside the United States. “Throughout my life I have reached back to the processes and perspectives I experienced in my 10 months in Japan to assist me in understanding others and enhancing my tolerance as well as appreciation of different approaches to living life.”

As a government major at Redlands, she also went to Washington, D. C., for a seminar in the pre-Watergate Nixon era. There, she saw firsthand how the three branches of government, political parties, pressure groups and the press interact. Eventually, she chose to go into the field of law. “The program provided an ideal foundation for a legal career.”

Recalling his time spent studying abroad, Jeffrey says, “The Salzburg semester was my first exposure to other cultures, to art and architecture.” He too participated in the Washington, D.C., program. “That, along with the government program at Redlands provided me with an exposure to the separation of powers and more particularly, the role of the Judiciary.”

Today, Jeffrey analyzes the law and writes briefs that will influence future cases. Pamela currently is assigned a juvenile delinquency calendar. “I appreciate being in a position that draws upon my professional expertise and personal experiences of having lived life for 65 years, to hopefully make a positive difference in the lives of others,” says Pamela.


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