Alumni Board serves as eyes, ears, and heart of fellow graduates


It was 105 years ago that Rachael Coolidge Price, a graduate of the Class of 1911, founded the University of Redlands Alumni Association to help alumni of the young college connect with and serve each other. She likely did not envision a future in which the University would provide higher education not only for traditional students on the beautiful campus in Redlands, but also for non-traditional and graduate students at campuses located throughout Southern California. Despite the changes at the University, the mission of the Alumni Association and its Board of Directors remains the same—to serve and connect the now 50,000-plus alumni of the various schools.

While Rachael Coolidge Price had to create the infrastructure to serve alumni, we are fortunate to have a dedicated Office of Alumni and Community Relations that develops and delivers the many programs available to us. The Board of the Alumni Association today acts as a sounding board, an idea generator, to help the staff on campus respond to the needs and interests of current alumni. Please feel free to contact any of us with your ideas or concerns. You can find a list of the members of the Alumni Board at

I am very proud to be the new president of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Our Board has representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences (the school Rachael Coolidge Price would recognize), the School of Business, and the School of Education, from the classes of 1964 to 2017, living in Seattle to San Diego, and Pocatello to Houston. The diverse makeup of the Board provides us with a variety of viewpoints but a shared love for our alma mater.

I am happy to welcome the following alumni to the Alumni Board:

Robert Brown ’94
Debbie Papernik Byrne ’10
Carla Carlini ’10, ’11
Michael Galindo ’00
John Tincher ’64
Mary Vivanco ’88
Kayla Wobschall ’17

Och Tamale,
Luann Bangsund ’74, ’79
President, Alumni Association


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